The Slide

She went there for rest, for months

no clue where she went, too many

at a time. Even the park felt enfolded

in conversation and every nerve

in its bowers of shrubs, all snug

ratting out the next tatterdemalion

within, all within bounds. Nothing

on the blink of eclipse, her celestials

surprised, nobody roused. No thought

had screamed down their livid violet chaos

of complaining, she let the days bide,

clear into the cul-de-sacs of her toes,

wading through lines and the time

demapped her, and bewitched the equation

it took to fill her tray, or take her pills

by which the self has one voice, fugues

slid on by as if lightly greased. Hours

spilled, segued, divorced, out of her head she

fell into courteous clusters, each

knew what she didn’t, where she wasn’t

taking her in as easily as it bid her

            name, need, fight or fear, worry, reason and

on to the next, until day slid into evening.

Which she took as a nod of permission,

thought boxing her out of their way in,

having never been so unbothered

she now kites and tangles, both kite and string

to retire before nightfall.