Chartres, speed. a cipher swinging high in the vast of manic grief. how many times how many, have I hummed its fiercest riff. now a number numb, beyond the primal melt. nine’s the one I shoulder. yet one was, and two. walking night-long, mast-high, reading to the lighthouse to the mat. fecund. listenable. so fecund we have to pill, so fecund we have to titrate. pull scale by blighted scale, accruing forehead art. still episode after episode, six to the power of Soho. amidst alive aloud. swimmingly, unsubtly then wailed to the Royal Free, why she. the scale hiding in my basement may be yours too so I’ll ex.plainly like this. punched out and driving into town. Uzes, eight. French paper gown, then they knew. what they didn’t. didn’t what they did. cross the street to avoid me and end up as alone, bon voyage. Paris without a ticket, cathedral down darkness wide, earring for ferry fare, till the singsong of the SAMU put me in. there, again. where they fill you up with pebbles, alms near out of chink, out of choice. the swing jams, you’re chained ground. prosaic, non-episodic. undead.