water over air

The hauling in

            before the howl—


then a voice death I

to rise, and rise no closer

it is shapeless to remember

helpless to begin

kid precision fool. any rule, wrack or rush, through swiss airports & emergencies. it is shapeless to remember. seize the rope dagger magical, hope clown, the parts of parts are the bigger heart! smear, it is shapeless to remember. bit the choice, in the head, first it quits, will not quit, the heady lying down. so voice, stay sea, it is shapeless to remember. to remember seas, pirates, private rules and emergencies. the metaphor mess. but slight flesh, a white shape, start fate. the life meat, the smaller bigger. heart. one day, one quiet day. then heard, through the doorway to the other. room, rooms. from all of my days, rooms past containing. 

The hauling in

             before the howl—

then a voice, yes, I

to rise and rise, recall

the shape of new-born water

am grateful to begin